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11 May 2006 @ 08:33 am
Cheer Practice  
((ooc: Sorri, I just saw that there was no real post on a cheer practice, so I thought I'd start one...hope lost of people show up! Dont forget, as usual, everyone is allowed to come and gawk at the girls...^_~))

Throwing her pom pom on the ground she dropped herself next to them. She placed her hands on her face and placed her elbows on her knees. The past few nights have been terribly hectic filled with hours upon hours of just make-up assignments. She swore aloud as she just remembered she was suppose to stop by Tenten's room for notes..that's just gonna have to freakin' wait Sakura thought as she got up only to be thrown back on the ground by a splitting headache...Shit... this better not affect me during practice...
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smart_n_sexy on May 13th, 2006 10:17 pm (UTC)
Sakura sighed at the girl who obviously didn't want to be running the show.

"Actually, Shizune-sempai... We already decided that Tenten was going to run practice today. And I also agree with Deidara… we should give them a REAL show for them! I mean, we're probably never see them again might as well show our thang~"

Sakura finished her little speech and went over to Temari's side, "My, you guys aren't together, yet you guys are already each other's counterparts? Sounds fishy to me!" she said as she easily let her big "I'm-a-cheerleader-and-this-is-my-fake-smile-bitches" grace her face.