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15 June 2006 @ 11:47 am
Asuma dug his hands in his lab coat as he awaited his precious students to arrive. A big grin replaced the once scowling mood he sported through out the year. He didn't plan to break it to them now. He would wait, and strike, and get the reaction he was looking for later. For now, it was important that he got them all acquainted with his favorite high school experience, titrations.

They had gone into a bit about the proper handling of acids and bases. There was also his very long lecture about the various properties of both and simple demonstrations of the various pH levels some products had. All of the information would be important for these next few chapters on titrations. That and he had been planning to put it on his final for ages.

Sweet victory, this would be...

The bell rang suddenly, and he was brought back to the marvelous world of teaching yet again. "So, before I begin, were there any questions from my last lecture? I will emphasize the importance of asking questions yet again..." If you don't you guys are screwed...

"Okay then. Today we'll just be getting acquainted with some of the burrets and chemicals we will be working with for the next couple of days. I will state this ONCE...do not use my burrets as light sabers, and God help you if you think it's a good idea to start squirting some of these solutions in someone's eye. Please refer to the safety information provided on page 15, and keep lab coats and goggles on at all times. Trust me...you'll thank me for it later."

"I'll be walkign around to make sure you guys aren't screwing around with my equipment. Get started..."

[[Feel free to to do whatever even if it is to talk to Asuma after class. Heh heh heh.]]
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