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15 June 2006 @ 11:47 am
Asuma dug his hands in his lab coat as he awaited his precious students to arrive. A big grin replaced the once scowling mood he sported through out the year. He didn't plan to break it to them now. He would wait, and strike, and get the reaction he was looking for later. For now, it was important that he got them all acquainted with his favorite high school experience, titrations.

They had gone into a bit about the proper handling of acids and bases. There was also his very long lecture about the various properties of both and simple demonstrations of the various pH levels some products had. All of the information would be important for these next few chapters on titrations. That and he had been planning to put it on his final for ages.

Sweet victory, this would be...

The bell rang suddenly, and he was brought back to the marvelous world of teaching yet again. "So, before I begin, were there any questions from my last lecture? I will emphasize the importance of asking questions yet again..." If you don't you guys are screwed...

"Okay then. Today we'll just be getting acquainted with some of the burrets and chemicals we will be working with for the next couple of days. I will state this ONCE...do not use my burrets as light sabers, and God help you if you think it's a good idea to start squirting some of these solutions in someone's eye. Please refer to the safety information provided on page 15, and keep lab coats and goggles on at all times. Trust me...you'll thank me for it later."

"I'll be walkign around to make sure you guys aren't screwing around with my equipment. Get started..."

[[Feel free to to do whatever even if it is to talk to Asuma after class. Heh heh heh.]]
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22 May 2006 @ 06:53 pm
[Apologies.  I wasn't here on Saturday and I forgot, so pretend it's Saturday. :D]

Rin was relieved that the weather was warm for the barbeque today.  She was worried that it was going to rain.

She smiled as she see all the orphans running around, playing with each other.  She felt good  that she was able to help the children out. She hoped the money would helped them out.

Everything was set up and ready.  All the food was set up for those to pick from.  Turning to the people, she announced, "The food's ready!  It's time to eat!  Children first!"
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22 May 2006 @ 12:06 am
Characters: Itachi, Ino
Summary: Itachi attempts to seduce Ino.
Rating: G, I'm pretty sure.

Itachi thinks he's so smooth..Collapse )
21 May 2006 @ 03:50 pm
Pretty little lights flickered dreamily under a thick blanket of clouds, darting here and there without the aid of moonlight. Bugs aside, it was total darkness. Perfect, complete, awesome weather conditions for stealth. That, and it smelled like gasoline.

Yamato crouched outside Orochimaru's crappy like house of suck with a bulging backpack by his side. Bottles knocked agaisnt each other every time he moved it, but the house seemed still enough that he DIDN'T CARE!!!!

A swelling of pride filled his lungs as he went over the plan.
1) Meet Yuugao-chan. That part still hadn't happened, and two was too wonderful a surprise to even think about.

Giddy, grinding his teeth, filled with malice, and certainly feeling very, very sexy, Yamato took a peek over the bushes.
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20 May 2006 @ 09:10 pm
It's time?! Finally?! THANK GOD!Collapse )
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20 May 2006 @ 06:39 pm
Characters: Yuugao, Gai
Summary: Gai gets up the brass to tell Yuugao a thing or two, when she tells him about her arranged date with Yamato.
Rating: PG. Vaguely innocent.

Say baby...Collapse )
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18 May 2006 @ 01:25 am
It was a fairly cool night, the summer breeze still cool from the Spring months but not so it dominated over the heat of the day past. It had been humid throughout the morning, peaking at noon before a nine o'clock rain drenched the city streets in a hot and sticky shower for an three hours straight before the temperature and the rain finally chilled, and the downpour finally ceased. Puddles remained in some places, the rest of the cement damp and drying at a delayed pace, the time could not be any earlier than midnight at the least.

Sufficiently dark outside he mused, slipping cautiously out a school side-door into a night breeze ran along the back alley of the school filtered some by the dumpsters, but strong enough to ruffle his hair--To his dismay. The door shifted shut behind him, leaving him no option but to use the main foyer door when he wished to return to the dorm he previously snuck out of. A mild curse crossed his lips as he shrugged it off.

The thought of getting caught out of dorm at such an hour wasn't much of a concern for the Uchiha as he set his duffel bag on the pavement next to his feet, eyes lazily drifting to the rustic old hoop of what used to be a basketball ring, sans net. As one could piece together, the boy wanted some alone time to both think and improve what to him was a horrendously flawed game. He just would /not/ allow himself to play badly come the teams first offical game. Fuck, he wouldn't stand it.

Sliding his dark wind breaker off his shoulders, he shivered faintly before reassuring himself he'd warm up sooner or later-- himself doubting his own reasoning as he kneeled down to retrieve a ball from the bag, unconcerned about his surroundings for the moment. Shadowed from view for the most part when it came to those who were walking past on the street, the only people who could have a chance of interrupting the boy were anyone loitering school property after dark-- And anyone trying to find him.

Tch, whatever.

Casually dribbling the ball while his mind wandered to the past day, the Uchiha flickered his gaze to the hoop before shooting. Immensely relieved his aim wasn't off, he strode forward several paces to retrieve the ball before continuing this for a while. He was not embarrassing himself infront of two schools, no, that was Naruto's job.

Ooc: Bleh. I don't mind if anyone joins, so go ahead. xD I was insanely bored, and Sir Duckbutt is really worried about his game. ;~;
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14 May 2006 @ 10:50 pm
Who: Kakashi, Kurenai, and Sakumo
Where: The park [OH MAH GAH, a different setting?! Alex, you on crack]\
What: Kurenai fears that Sakumo has been taken from her again when, in fact, it is Mother's Day and Kakashi has a surprise for her in the park.
Warnings: Unbearable FLUFF <33333

Indeed, these were not taco-flavored kissesCollapse )
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11 May 2006 @ 08:33 am
((ooc: Sorri, I just saw that there was no real post on a cheer practice, so I thought I'd start one...hope lost of people show up! Dont forget, as usual, everyone is allowed to come and gawk at the girls...^_~))

Throwing her pom pom on the ground she dropped herself next to them. She placed her hands on her face and placed her elbows on her knees. The past few nights have been terribly hectic filled with hours upon hours of just make-up assignments. She swore aloud as she just remembered she was suppose to stop by Tenten's room for notes..that's just gonna have to freakin' wait Sakura thought as she got up only to be thrown back on the ground by a splitting headache...Shit... this better not affect me during practice...
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This was so not something he'd usually do.

Hell, he hadn't even done this before. It amazed him how nervous the simple walk from the male dorms to the female section made him, despite the fact he had nothing at all to fret over. Embarrassed about, perhaps-- He felt pretty fruity carrying a single flower in his hand, even though it was a present for Hinata-San as a 'Omg-I-am-sorry-I-didn't-talk-to-you-sooner' sort of thing.

God, he needed to get a handle on this 'boyfriend' thing. If he wasn't a nonchalant bastard, he was blushing like an idiot. It was odd to find himself feeling like this, and he expressed a small amount of pent up anxiety by fidgeting with his collar as he strode along the corridor in which Hinata's door resided.

They hadn't done anything more than exchange what, six words at that bake-sale? Hardly seen each other at all, he couldn't help but feel slightly to blame-- He'd been reclusive at best with his latest 'meetings' and the like.

Knocking a few times on the door, he absently cast a narrowed gaze down the hall as he awaited an answer from inside. Oh, she better be 'home'..

Ooc: >>; Sorry it's so late and of such crappy quality. D: