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Konoha High School

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Welcome to Konoha High School, the coolest AU Naruto high school RPG this side of the Milky Way Galazy! This RP was inspired by seireitaihs. What are the jilts of it? Well, we've taken characters from Masashi Kishimoto's hit series Naruto and threw all the characters into a private high school setting with NO supernatural skills, NO ninja-stars, and NO control over the crack. Instead, this concentrates on just how messed up our favorite characters would be if they had to live (without the crack… most of the time ^_^;;) the lives many of us manage every day. Let the crack-times roll…

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1. No powerplaying or godmodding. Contact information for all players is available so please just contact them and plot with them.
2. Good spelling and grammar is a must. We understand typos happen (just look at our community name) but thankfully, lj provides us with a spell-check feature for when we’re making posts. And no one wants to read numbers pretending to be words no matter how cool you think it might be.
3. Written a post over 300 words? Stupendous! Please remember to put it behind LJ-CUTS so as not to hog all the space on everyone’s friend lists. Same goes for posts that have a rating higher than PG-13.
4. All players require a character journal. No exceptions!!
5. You are allowed a maximum of one (1) character only (but if our community lacks enough strong writers, we will reopen applications to current players AND IF this happens to be the case, we would prefer players to choose characters that would not interact in particularly large quantities. Example: Tsunade and Kiba don’t really have anything in particular that would drive them to interact on a regular basis. However, Sakura and Ino, being best friends, would interact a lot and so it would be kinda’ boring to monopolize that relationship.)
6. OOC problems? No worries… but please take it into IM. No flaming around here.
7. This RP will be done mostly in the journal. If you RP in a chat, please post the entire log without any OOC comments and with screen names replaced by the character's names in parentheses or brackets.
8. Third person, past tense in posting, first person in journal entries. At least one journal entry should be made a month. You should post in the RP at least once a week. It really sucks when a thread can't go anywhere because of one person.
9. This RP is yaoi/yuri/het friendly. There's really no set rating. This is an RP involving high school students; it's bound to have some gnarly stuff.
10. OOC posts (including introductions and absent notices) should be posted at khs_ooc.

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(This application is brought to you by Seireitai HS RPG! Thanks ^_~b)

Real Name: (Your name! But we'll probably end up calling you by your character's name anyway)
AIM sn: (Your AIM sn. We request that you have this, as this is the most common messenger service.)
MSN sn: (Your MSN address)
E-mail: (Your e-mail address)
Character Name: (The full name of the character you're applying for)
Occupation: (Your character's occupation just to make sure you read the list and know what we expect from who you're potentially playing. If they're a student, just list their grade)
Why Do You Want to Play This Character?: (Just what the question suggests ^__^)
Example RP: (A few paragraphs with you playing as the character. Please try to write them into a high school situation. We want to see how you use them in this RP, not how you would play them in another.)

Apply Here!

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Those taken will have their character journals listed after their description.


Aburame Shino: (Bed Bugs) This senior is the very epitome of calm and collected. He studies hard, but mostly commits his time to studying insects. He doesn’t care for Kiba’s loudness, but he is none the less, his friend. He’s on the soccer team. bed_bugs_

Akimichi Chouji: (Cookie Monster) If there is anything this junior loves more than… breathing? it’s eating! Though most teachers don’t allow people to eat in class, he seems to be an exception. Looks up to and is a friend to Nara. He’s not on any team, but is the head of refreshments at games… XD choujiatemyhair

Haruno Sakura: (“Close, but no cigar…”) A sophomore, Sakura is the top student in the school. She truly got excepted by her distinguished marks on the entrance exam and though her intelligence may rivals the school genius, she must put 20 times more effort than he ever has to. She is always caught reading some book and never goes a day without raising her hand in all of her classes, and always follows the rules. Admires Sasuke, abhors Naruto. She has also been taken under Tsunade’s wings ever since her freshmen year. Has some mood swings like her too… Is on the cheer squad (got pressured by Ino to join). smart_n_sexy

Hyuuga Hinata: (Shy thang) A freshman, she is extremely shy and hard working. Although she is just as rich as her cousin, he had always seemed like the one with more confidence and is more respectable in status. She’s friends with Sakura, she is also on the cheer squad (got pressured by parents to join because of her lack of confidence and extra curricular activities). quiet_doll

Hyuuga Neji: (The Grudge) A junior, he is Hinata’s cousin, yet almost never speaks to her because of his hatred for her family. He usually keeps to himself and is only friends with Tenten. He is on the basketball team. caged_kaiten

Inuzuka Kiba: (Snoop Dog) A junior, Kiba is the only student allowed to have a dog at school, since it completely refuses to stay home. He’s very loud and frequently proclaims himself leader of things, but he does it all with good intentions. Is on the soccer team. inuzuka_sama

Shikamaru Nara: (Boy Genius) A junior. Most consider him the super genius. His IQ is higher than anyone else in all of the school and his grades make most students shudder (thinking how their parents would react if they had report cards like his coming in the mail!). His SAT score make students jealous. His laziness amazes everyone that knows of his reputation! Since he doesn’t like to study, he joined the basketball team, though is rarely at practice and is only kept on the team to think up plays at games. deer_troubles

Rock Lee: (Caterpillar) A junior. Though not very smart, Rock has always had the ability for acting. His idol at the moment is Gai-sensei. He also admires other actors as well. Sometimes a lady’s man, though most would prefer him not to be around…they are scared of his brows. He is a really hard worker, and currently holds a job at the local movie theater as a mere usher. When he has time, he sometimes helps score a few points on the soccer team. double_lotus

Tenten Li: (Chun Li) A junior. Tenten is the epitome of normal! She loved to help others and aspires to become elementary school teacher. She enjoys volunteering at the local youth group in her spare time. Is on the cheer squad. pencil_mistress

Uchiha Sasuke: (Lurk Jerk) A sophomore. He is part of the richest family from all the other students at KHS. He hates most people and ignores most girls, against their hopes and prayers to be by his side. He is rivals and friends with Naruto. He hates his brother, but deals with him, so that he may one day surpass him. Is somewhat a friend with Sakura since Naruto seems to have some affection for her. He is co-captain of the basketball team. distainful_baka

Uzumaki Naruto: (Raw-Man) A sophomore, Naruto is a loud mouth. Loves only a few things: his basketball that he dribbles everyday to and from school (his first birthday gift), Sakura Haruno, and ramen. Though most consider him a joke, his abilities never cease to amaze anyone, as long as he puts his heart into it. He is the co-captain of the basketball team. minisunshine

Kankuro: (Meowth) That’s right, this Junior has a feisty temper but has a soft spot exclusively for his family members. He’s a big guy and he knows it, that why he knocks out all the other players during school. On soccer team. soccer_kitty

Gaara: (Series of Unfortunate Events) A sophomore. When we say “series of unfortunate events” we mean it!!!! Him and his two cousins are he only family he has, he has always been picked on because of his scar that has a shape of the Chinese character for ai (love). sand_wind_demon

Temari: (Fanny) A senior. Doesn’t take crap from anyone. Is the youngest girl on the varsity yell. She may be on the cheer team, however, she lacks all the finesse of a true lady when not performing. Is on the cheer squad. _tough_cookie

Akasun Sasori: (Master Puppeteer) He’s part of the drama club. He’s a very pessimistic person and tends to not trust others or depend on others due to his lack of parental up bringing. dramatic_puppet

Deidara: (Moldy) This clay molder aspires to be the most famous sculptor, and idolize no one, but herself! He hates ugly things and those who do not appreciate good art! Is on the cheer squad. explosive_clay

Ino Yamanaka: (In(o)- your-face) Doesn’t take crap, just like Temari, however she doesn’t get along well with her either! Is kind of friends with Sakura, though she always picks on her! She is very feminine. HATES BOYS!!! Is on the cheer squad. cheerful_diva

Haku: (Her+him=Herm…aka Haku) Sophmore. Many mistake this young boy as a girl. He is close to Zanbuza-sensei because the teacher had saved his life once upon a time. Is on the basketball team. flurry_fury

Hagane Kotetsu: (Yang) Senior. Friends with the guy below. He is never seen without his best bud! They are often…no…always found causing trouble. They kick it (aka work) at the café. He is the womanizer of the two. hagane_p1mpin

Kamizuki Izumo: (Ying) Senior. Friends with the guy above. He is never seen without his best bud! They are often…no…always found causing trouble. They kick it (aka work) at the café. He is the party animal of the two. kamizuki_kun

Kisame Hoshigaki: (“Doesn’t play well with others”) Senior. Hangs out with Itachi and is Itachi’s only companion. They rule the school with an iron fist; some faculty can’t even control them! He has been said to have helped with the conspiracy of the rigged basketball game. hard_biter

Itachi Uchiha: (“Can’t touch this”) Senior. Everybody loves to hate this guy. Known to have been on the Varsity Team Basketball and then helped rigged the game at Sectionals and ended up getting their team disqualified. red_eye_weasel

Tsuchi Kin: (Jingle Bell) Junior. Though small-statured and not someone who wants mass amounts of attention, Kin is not going to put up with you if you mess with her. Or bump into her. Or accidently step on the back of her shoes. Or look her in the eye. Okay, so she's as likely to beat you up as glance at you. That doesn't make her a bad person, does it? ringing__bells

Kazehana Koyuki: (Ice Princess Yucky-eh) Junior. Yukie is a part-time actress, part-time student. She's also part of the cheerleading squad and drama club. Yukie busies herself to keep away from people she can't stand the most; fans. With all of her activities, though, she tends to wear herself out - on top of that, she has to manage her grades, and because of all of this anxiety, Yukie is rude, snappy, and holds herself high above others; she puts on her "Yukie" face and leaves the kind-hearted girl that she is in the dust. princess_yucky

Yokobue Tayuya: (Toot my 'Flute') Senior. The leader of a local gang of Yankis, Tayuya is overprotective, brash, and has the dirtiest mouth this side of Konoha. She has a terribly short temper that can only be calmed by playing her flute; which is pretty much the only "finer" thing she enjoys in life. fist_n_flute

Aomori Sai: (Visual Art's is his forté) Sophomore. Friendly and his art is highly admired by his peers, can be a real jerk sometimes :3. Enjoy's the arts. artsy_asshole

Kaguya Kimimaro: (Them Bones) He is capable of living his life normally, but is at Orochimaru's beck and call whenever he may need it. This traumatizing experience also left Kimimaro chronically ill as a result, and is regularly in need of medical care which he acquires through Orochimaru, no less. [OPEN]

Rakanken Jirobo: (The Rock) A rough and tough member of the soccer team. He's been the goalie keeper for the past three years, having one of the best defenses that the team has ever had. His defensive behavior follows him off the field too, which makes him a known bully on campus. He'll beat anyone down that tries to criticize him. [OPEN]

Amagumo Kidomaru: (Spiderman) A very tricky kind of guy who takes an interest in all things related to spiders. He's noted for 'playing with his prey,' and doesn't like to be told what to do. On the fiels, he's very quick and agile, which makes him a valuable player on the basketball team. [OPEN]

Rashomon Sakon: (Diva) A strange individual who seems to only consult his twin brother. The only way to tell him apart from his younger twin is the beaded neckless he constantly wears. Many label him as being mentally unstable, but he doesn't seem to take any offense to these accusations. Whether they are true or not doesn't seem to matter considering he is another star player on the soccer team. [OPEN]

Rashomon Ukon: (Multiple Personalities) Where Sakon goes, Ukon is sure to follow. Ukon is more playful when compared to Sakon, but by no means is that a good thing. He's a trouble maker, and it doesn't help that is just about as unstable as his older brother is. [OPEN]

Hyuuga Hinabi: (Miss Sunshine To You!) An overly confident girl who doesn't take after her sister at all. She can be overbearing at times, but she only means well, I think? She intelligence and cunningness seem to have gotten her far, far enough to even skip a grade or to with the school's permission. [OPEN]

Oiroke Konohamaru: (Playboy) A prankster boy who constantly finds himself in trouble even when his group, the Konohamaru Corps, try to keep him away from it. Many say that he has been trying to one up his old man since the day he was born. So far, no success. [OPEN]

Kore Moegi: (Little Lady) A cute little girl who isn't afraid to show her sense of style and knowledge to everyone else. Although she is the youngest member of the Konohamaru Corps, she isn't afraid to show others who's boss. [OPEN]

Shiki Udon: (Boy Genius) The boy who rounds out his team dynamics. He constantly boasts about his analytical abilities, and is always found with a runny nose. It's no surprise that he is usually down in Tsunade's office taking his daily medication. [OPEN]


Yuhi Kurenai: (Mummy) Math teacher. She was probably one of the only that actually was sane in the group of staff members… except the fact that she is always seen like she’s come back from a fight with arms that are always bandaged. i_make_math_fun

Sarutobi Asuma: (Kiss a Butt) Chemistry Teacher. He’s nice and all but likes to keep to himself most of the time. If you get to know this guy, he becomes like a big brother to you. But if not then he could almost work for the secret service; he has that forgettable kind of face. lightmeup__

Hatake Kakashi: (Belatedly Bunny) Like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Kakashi the English teacher is ALWAYS late. And also like the playboy bunny, he never really seems like he teaches the class, since most of the time he is reading Icha Icha Paradisu (Make-out Paradise), but everyone seems to learn everything they need to by the end of the year…maybe he speed teaches? lit_pwns_you

Yondaime Hokage: (Mr. GQ) As the History teacher, many would rather not attend his class. However, due to his good looks and friendly nature, most can’t bring themselves to ditch his class. He doesn’t ever favor anyone, and many mistake him at Naruto’s older brother. [OPEN]

Mitarashi Anko: (Spirit-a-plenty) Biology Teacher.As one of the few female teachers in the faculty, it’s hard to remember she is one. Her brash actions always leave most people in a state of shock and awe… but mostly shock. A tomboy at heart, she still has a very animated grace (more animated… than grace) side to her thus being very fit for her role as Cheer Squad Advisor. spirit_a_plenty

Maito Gai: (Phantom of the Opera) Drama Teacher. He is infamous for his Nice Guy Pose and always takes in new students. He is one of those few teachers that is always willing to stay after class to help anyone who needs help. He kind of favors Rock Lee because he also has dreams of becoming a famous actor. drama_beast

Umino Iruka: (Dear Abby) Art teacher. Iruka could be this school’s Dear Abby because he understands and sympathizes with EVERYONE! His kindness makes him one of the most approachable teachers. He also runs the student council because he’s so close to the student body. [OPEN]

Zabuza Momochi: (If looks kill…) Physical Education killer instructor. And if his glares don’t do you in, his PE class will! His own crazy athletic abilities drive him to expect the same kind of performance from the students. not_ded_yet

Jiraiya: (Man’s God/ Lady’s Devil) The Psychology teacher who is idolized by every male in school (because he proves that you can get a respectable job even IF you are the world’s biggest pervert!) and is hated by every girl in school (because he proves that there is no hope in this world for happily-ever-afters!). [OPEN]

Shiranui Genma: (Pick) Computer instructor, DJ, and Dance coordinator. As the most laid back teacher, Gemma is never seen without his trusty toothpick. Many have told scary stories about what happens to people who take his toothpick. dj_needle

Gekkou Hayate: (Cough-ee) This Health teacher is never seen without his Starbucks and many people wonder if he was the right candidate for this position, considering his own health isn’t at it peak. hayate_cough

Yakushi Kabuto: (Read Between the Stanzas) Music teacher. Though he may have much talent in music, he rarely speaks to others and keeps to himself mostly. deadly_stanza

Rin: (Sweetie Pie) Just became the Home Economics Teacher, but in her spare time she looks for someone that held a spot in her past. on_aphrodisiac


Principal Sarutobi: (Founding Father) The principal of Chuunin High, Sandaime may look old and useless, but his love for the school makes him very powerful and spirited. He is at every game, dance, and even some of the drag races (incognito, of course)… though he is tough, he does have a soft spot for all of the students who attend his school. [OPEN]

Morino Ibiki: (The Wolf) The vice Principal of the school, he is rarely found smiling at students. He is very strict and always by the book. Many students try to avoid him, for his interrogation is actually very affective and all of the students he catches get punished! [OPEN]

Ebisu: (Closet Perv) The hall monitor, guys hate him cause he tries too hard… girls hate him cause they all know he’s a closet perv’ ever since someone exposed him (à Naruto )…HATES Naruto! [OPEN]

Tsunade: (Double ‘D’ Trouble) The most beautiful, and well endowed, staff member is this lovely school nurse. She is good friends with Jiraiya and they often go to events together (mostly drinking parties). Sakura aspires to be like her, and Tsunade has agreed to take her under her wings. Sometimes has crazy mood swings O_o nurseslug

Shizune: (Underling) Is Tsunade apprentice as well. She always is up to date on everyone’s business, since the Nurse always wants to know what’s going on in the school. ((The player who takes this character must keep a log of what is going on, or at least a timeline, so if anyone were to come in late, or is gone a while they can go here to get up to date.)) squirrel_mascot

Baki: (Ex-convict) As the counselor, not many students want to go to him (one because he was an escaped ex-convict) because he tends to never show one side of his face. Some say that if you ever saw it, you would be cursed. O_O [OPEN]

Uzuki Yuugao: (Silent killer) A security guard with a secret talent. This secret talent has landed her a second job in helping out Gai and his theater productions. purple_fringe

Orochimaru: (Cold hearted snake) Orochimaru seeks success and wealth through the suffering of others. He will lie, cheat, and even kill if he must to get his way. Although he is not a member of the faculty or student body, he takes much interest in Konoha High School. It houses many talented students that he'd just love to get his hands on. He has a big secret that no one else has seem to catch on to. slycharmer

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For all new members, if you are lost and want an idea about what's going on, please head over here and catch up. Mods and members will always be here to answer any questions left unanswered by these posts.

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