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22 May 2006 @ 12:06 am
Closed Log  
Characters: Itachi, Ino
Summary: Itachi attempts to seduce Ino.
Rating: G, I'm pretty sure.

Itachi was taking a leisurely stroll , enjoying the warm spring day, when he noticed Ino sitting by herself with a frustrated look on her face. "Kombawa, Yamanaka-san," he smiled.

Hearing the voice of a young man greet her, Ino rolled her eyes, trying to prevent from a frustrated sigh escaping her throat. Shifting her eyes upward, she peered through her blonde hair to see the elder Uchiha brother standing before her.

"What do you want?"

Smirking at the young lady's expression, he replied, " That sad face doesn't suit you," pulling out a rose, he places it on her lap, & walked off, "weak trash like him doesn't deserve you."

She glanced down at the flower, slipping her fingers around its stem as she brought it up to her nose, taking in its scent. She slowly picked up her head, watching as Itachi walked away from her whilst she pondered his reason for why he would possibly want to give her such a gift. Standing up, she ran after the boy, jog slowing to a casual backwards walk as she faced him. "Do you really think I would waste my anger on something as stupid as a boy? I don't think so!" She proudly proclaimed, her lips turning halfway into a grin.

He looked back & smirked, "No, not you......but I hope you won't give up on us "stupid boys" altogether, that'd be a waste of such a treasure."

She looked behind her, making sure there was nothing in her path that would cause her to trip, then looked back up to the boy. "Thanks, but, as far as I'm concerned boys are definitely not worth my time!" Ino crossed her arms in front of her, the slightest hint of red from the rose poking out from beneath her folded arms.

"Well, should you change your mind..." he said casually, "I'd be honored to have you as my prom date, at the very least, will you think about?"

The question caused the girl to stop in her tracks, as she cast her eyes away from the boy and onto the ground. With all the drama and gossip-queens in the school, hadn't he heard? Ino sighed.

"I'm sorry, but.. I'm going with Kiba.." She answered, voice softening. Deep down, though, Ino had been flirting with the idea of being a good friend for once, and letting Kiba go with his boyfriend, but she didn't want to hurt his feelings by breaking their date. Not that she was going to say that to Itachi.

Smiling softly, he gently stroked her face, and replied, " I suppose that can't be helped then," he kissed her hand," maybe... I could make dinner for you, someday... you know how to reach me."

As Ino felt Itachi's fingers and lips grace her skin, she tightly clenched one of her fists before giving up and relaxing her hand. Typically, she would have made some condescending remark about some aspect about him or his appearance, but she just couldn't find the words, or the will to be rude. She nodded, flashing a hint of a smile his way. "..Thank you," she paused, before adding, "I'll.. have to consider it," she muttering.

"Ja na," he replied walking off, "Ino-hime."

Turning to watch him go, Ino gave a casual wave to Itachi's back. "'Bye... Itachi.." she whispered, looking down to the rose and pondering about all that had just happened.