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21 May 2006 @ 03:50 pm
Pretty little lights flickered dreamily under a thick blanket of clouds, darting here and there without the aid of moonlight. Bugs aside, it was total darkness. Perfect, complete, awesome weather conditions for stealth. That, and it smelled like gasoline.

Yamato crouched outside Orochimaru's crappy like house of suck with a bulging backpack by his side. Bottles knocked agaisnt each other every time he moved it, but the house seemed still enough that he DIDN'T CARE!!!!

A swelling of pride filled his lungs as he went over the plan.
1) Meet Yuugao-chan. That part still hadn't happened, and two was too wonderful a surprise to even think about.

Giddy, grinding his teeth, filled with malice, and certainly feeling very, very sexy, Yamato took a peek over the bushes.
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purple_fringe: maskpurple_fringe on May 22nd, 2006 01:18 am (UTC)
Yuugao's sleek, cat-like movements were unnoticeable in the night. Not that there was anyone around to see her, anyway. The house she had discovered was in the middle of a wood, the nearest house being about a mile away. It would take hours for anyone to even notice the fire.

Ah, yes, the fire, the explosion! Her heart thumped loudly as a shiver ran up her spine at the thought of it. The C-4 equipment in her deceptively dainty looking bag weighed down on her shoulder slightly. As she neared the house, she began examining the area, looking for Yamato.

Yuugao suddenly saw a face emerge from the bushes, topped by black hair and with large, probing eyes. She smiled. "Hello, Yamato-san." She noticed he was looking particularly amorous that evening
planting_anbuplanting_anbu on May 23rd, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
He ducked behind the bushes quickly, creating too much noise for such a skilled sneaker as himself. A slow, cautious glance over the top most leaves assured his safety as his date crept forward.

"Ah, Yuugao-san." He smiled, motioning for her to crawl behind the shrubbary with him. "Glad you could make it! The night could never be so sleek without you."
purple_fringe: mournpurple_fringe on May 23rd, 2006 09:30 pm (UTC)
She laughed lightly before ducking into the bush. "You flatter me." She tried to come off as sarcastic, but she gave the guised impression that she really had been.

"I brought the C-4. What do you have?" Her eyes were as eager as a child looking for candy.
planting_anbuplanting_anbu on May 23rd, 2006 09:39 pm (UTC)
"My dear good friend Mo Cocktail I've told you so much about." He almost giggled, unzipping the backpack and spilling out its contents at their feet.

Bottles clogged with rags, matches, wires, small tupperware containers with something resembling gasoline fell into a heap as Yamato tossed the backpack aside.
purple_fringepurple_fringe on May 24th, 2006 08:51 pm (UTC)
The pair must have either looked like junkies or kids at Christmas, amusing themselves with the items, or maybe some strange hybrid of both. A smile cracked onto Yuugao's face like a break in a mirror. "Perfect." It didn't matter if no one was in the house or if they were. She stood up, carrying her set of explosives, and began carefully approaching the house.
planting_anbuplanting_anbu on May 26th, 2006 05:41 pm (UTC)
Excited by the prospect of setting something very evil on fire, Yamato perhaps lit his oily rag too soon. He charged forth from the bushes, practically skipping past Yuugao to get as close as he could without having to run (he ran funny). And so, in the spirit of giving, Konoha Highschool's Horticulture teacher threw a flaming bottle at Mr. Orochimaru's house.

The glass exploded, the fire roared with a newfound host as it spread to the first shingle, the second. A small fire, soon to be joined by many of its brethren.

Maybe it was polite to let ladies go first. Maybe he was wearing kitty ears. Maybe he didn't really care. Either way, he was already whooping and hollering as he turned to face his date.
purple_fringepurple_fringe on May 31st, 2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
Yuugao watched the flames continue to engulf the room Yamato had thrown the cocktail into. She grinned again, and set off towards the house to line the base with the C-4.

When she returned, her shoulders were shaking with laughter. She wrapped her arms over Yamato's shoulders from behind. "This is the best date I've had in a long time."
planting_anbuplanting_anbu on June 1st, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC)
Any more LC and I'll be shot :]
Explosions, one two one two, and through and through, the fire raged it's orange light. Two faces lit with joy, basking in the glow of property destruction stood one behind the other.

He felt her press against him, warm and safe at his back. He smiled, and nodded yes, he too hadn't been, hadn't felt such childish joy since god knows when.

Yamato took her by the wrists, keeping her close to him as the fire went higher into the night sky. Something in him hoped the bastard was home, if only to give Yuugao a little more entertainment. So unselfish, he felt, as he almost never did.