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20 May 2006 @ 06:39 pm
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Characters: Yuugao, Gai
Summary: Gai gets up the brass to tell Yuugao a thing or two, when she tells him about her arranged date with Yamato.
Rating: PG. Vaguely innocent.

Yuugao, for the first time in a long time, was very excited. Sure, there was the play finally coming up, but she also had some things to blow up with Yamato. She was practically floating as she wandered into the theater to play the piano.

Gai paced outside of the auditorium nervously. "Pull yourself toegther, man. It's not that much to say." He ran his left hand through his hair, the bowlcut remaining undamaged. He sighed. "Alright. Okay. Here I go." A few minutes past. "Gonna go now. Yes. I am going." A few more minutes wandered by. Then suddenly, because Gai was afraid we would lose his nerve, he burst into the theater.

Yuugao looked up from playing the Moonlight Sonata as a loud noise broke out at the other end of the theater. She calmed down when she saw it was Gai. "Hello, Gai-san!" she greeted cheerfully. "What'd the doors do to offend you today?"

Gai walked over to Yuugao, chuckling weakly. "Sorry. I... er.. forget my strength." He looked down at the floor. "So.. uh.. how are you?" Gai scolded himself. He couldn't get the words he really wanted to say out.

"I'm great!" she replied, smiling widely. "I can't wait for the play, and this weekend should be fun..." She thought for moment. "Oh! I might not be able to make the cast party or whatever. I'm going to be busy."

Oh no... Gai had been hoping that after he said what he had to say, he would ask her to the cast party as his date. Well... maybe it's something she can back out of. Gai had no idea his optimism was about to fail him. "W-well, what are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing special," she began. She felt her skin tingle at the thought of being able to destroy that house. Oh, she couldn't wait. "Yamato-san is just taking me out on a date. To a bar or something like that." She sighed. "He's such an interesting person, Gai."

Gai's jaw dropped as far as it could possibly go. D... d... date? His entire body went stiff. "A... a date? Really? How..." Ironic? Horrible? Gai used every ounce of will power he had to continue talking. "Wonderful! Fantistic! That's just lovely, Yuugao. Lovely!"

"I know, isn't it?" she replied in a girlish voice. "I haven't been this giddy since they let me go against the Geneva convention..." she trailed off. "By, uh, slapping every rapist we had in custody." She laughed nervously. Nice, Yuu-chan. Real slick.

Normally, Gai would have found this comment kind of disturbing. Unfortunately, he was too busy having a large metaphorical hole drilled into his chest. He laughed along with her, not quite sure what she talking about. "But.. how? I mean... it's Yamato. I mean he's... uhm... different."

Yuugao sighed dreamily again. "That's just the thing, Gai. He's so mysterious..." She failed to notice Gai's shoulders slump. "And funny..." They sank lower. "Oh, and don't you think he's just so cute?" Again, she didn't see the hunchback.

The way Gai felt at the moment is how he imagined someone like Sasuke would feel all the time. "I... I don't know." Words absolutely failed Gai at that minute. Yamato?! She'd rather go out with Yamato?! But... but... this isn't fair. "He's okay... I guess."

Yuugao's eyes widened in realization. "Oh! Come to think of it, I need to go get an outfit." She stood from the piano and made her way to leave. Placing a hand on Gai's shoulder, she said, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a nice man too, someday." She nearly skipped to the door. "Oh, be a doll? If anyone asks, just tell them I had a personal emergency to tend to." She kicked the door closed in a happy manner behind her.

Gai stared after the purple-haired woman. He trudged to the piano and sat. Well, I might as well get used to it now. He played the first few notes of the overture to Phantom of the Opera. Then suddenly he stopped. He realized he didn't know how to play the rest of the song. His dropped his head onto the keys, the keyboard emitting a defeated song all around him.

Yuugao poked her head back through the door. "Remember the scales I taught you!" she sing-songed cheerfully. "Every good boy does fine..." Her voice faded as she glided on her happiness through the halls.
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