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14 May 2006 @ 10:50 pm
Happy Mother's Day!  
Who: Kakashi, Kurenai, and Sakumo
Where: The park [OH MAH GAH, a different setting?! Alex, you on crack]\
What: Kurenai fears that Sakumo has been taken from her again when, in fact, it is Mother's Day and Kakashi has a surprise for her in the park.
Warnings: Unbearable FLUFF <33333

The constant chirping of a damn bird outside made Kurenai furrow her brow in her sleep. She opened one eye, her vision clearing. The entire apartment was quiet. The woman turned her head and looked at the time. 10 AM. Sakumo was supposed to be way up by now. Her heart dropped and she stumbled out of bed. Kurenai threw her door open and practically burst into Sakumo's room. The window was open, curtain flapping in the wind. The boy was not in his crib.

The child gurgled slightly as he was pushed along in the stroller. It moved quickly away from the apartment complex and towards the park. A note on the kitchen table read, If you ever want your happiness again, come to the park as soon as possible. Alert no one.

She ran around the apartment, checking every little corner. She didn't even notice that Kakashi wasn't in the house either. The woman skidded to a stop in the kitchen, noticing a note on the table. Kurenai picked it up, her eyes scanning it quickly. "FUCK!" she shouted, crumbling the paper in her fist. Kurenai didn't even bother changing, slipping on her sandals and running out of the apartment in the shorts and tanktop she slept in.

The child now sat upon a picnic blanket, accompanied by a small, discreet box. Waiting in the bushes nearby, someone smirked. "She should be here any minute..."

Kurenai ran through the park, getting stares and cat calls as she ran as fast she could, arms pumping at her sides. She jogged to a stop when she reached the same area where she and Orochimaru had post-hasted and convened. Panting heavily, she looked around frantically before spotting a mass of silver hair. Sakumo sat on the blanket, pointing to the designs and making odd noises. Kurenai ran over to him, sliding onto the blanket. She picked him up and held him close. He giggled and played with her hair.

A figure emerged silently from the bushes before approaching Kurenai from behind. Grabbing her quickly, he put a hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. "Did you forget what day it was, Kurenai-chan?" Kakashi gave a small smile. "...Remind me to never let you roam down any dark alleys." he's not spiderman

Kurenai's arms flailed but when she heard the voice, she sighed heavily with relief, practically going slack in his arms. She furrowed her brows in anger but then thought about his question. Gravitation was on last night so that was Saturday, the 13th... "..Mother's Day..." she said, her voice muffled as Kakashi's hand was still over her mouth. Slowly, she smiled.

Kakashi sat up and scratched his head. "Uh... I made a cake." He handed her the box. "...Its chocolate with chocolate creme layers." Now the hard part. "Uh.. look... I'm... uh..." He looked to the side. "I should've thought about your feelings too. I'm sorry I overreacted like that." Of course he still had a right to be angry, but there was no need to ruin the apology.

Kurenai opened the box and smiled gently as she looked down at the brown frosting with 'Happy Mother's Day, Kure' written in red iciing. But she then frowned and looked up at Kakashi. "Well, I'm glad your apologizing but it doesn't change the fact that I hurt you. I'm sorry too." While the two were busy being humble, Sakumo dipped his finger right into the iciing and put it into his mouth. "Mmm!" he said, looking at them.

Kakashi grinned. "Its alright." He thought for a moment, looking at the child and Kurenai. "That's the past, now..." He of all people had trouble overcoming the past. "But this is now. I have all that I really need now." He scraped off some icing for himself. "Hell, we even have cake."

Kurenai chuckled. "Geez, sugar addicts you two," she said. She then placed Sakumo and the cake down on the blanket. The two stood there for a moment before Kurenai reached forward and hugged him. It was an awkward hug at first but then she smiled and tightened it, burying her face in his neck.

Kakashi smiled, a calm settling in his heart. He had missed the smell of her hair, the smile on her face... No, he had just missed her. He lifted her face gently. "Kurenai... that whole time, I still loved you."

Kurenai couldn't help the smile and blush that had settled on her face. She shifted slightly and was at a loss for words as if she were sixteen again. "I--uh--I loved you too." She cleared her throat and looked off to the side, blush deepening.

He smirked. "Happy Mother's Day, dear," he said, kissing her. He realized how much he'd always loved the velvet feeling of her lips.

She returned the kiss and was about to take a step closer to him when she felt something pushing against her leg. Kurenai looked down and saw Sakumo. He looked up at her, looking whiny. "Okay, okay," she said, picking him up. "We'll have breakfast. Although cake isn't the best thing at ten in the morning..."

"Neither is whipped cream," Kakashi replied, "But you insisted that one time..." Yes, things were looking up a bit already. He ruffled Sakumo's hair affectionately.

Kurenai glared at Kakashi as she sat down, Sakumo in her lap. She brought the cake in front of her and opened it again. "Uh...no utensils.." But that didn't stop Sakumo. He grabbed a piece that had fallen off in the box and put it into his mouth, making smacking noises as he ate it. Kurenai laughed. "Allright then." She tore a piece off of the top and ate it.

Kakashi picked up his own piece of cake, but didn't eat it. For some reason, he wasn't very hungry. He looked at Kurenai, to the cake, to Kurenai again. Sniggering like a dork, he shoved it in her face.

She had been smiling down at Sakumo when she felt her pores become clogged with a mixture of saccharides and disaccharides. Kurenai's eye twitched as she looked at Kakashi, his laugh echoing through her ears. That..LAUGH. "Agh," she muttered, shoving the rest of her piece in his face, making sure to spread the iciing.

After being CAKE'D Kakashi sputtered a bit. "Why does the fruit of my labor always end up like this?" He glanced at Kurenai. "I forgot napkins, too..." He tackled her suddenly. "Guess we'll have to clean up another way...?"

She giggled and blushed. "Not in front of--" But she looked and saw that Sakumo was too busy playing with a few toys Kakashi had brought along. "Okay," Kurenai said, leaning in and kissing him gently.

Indeed, these were not taco-flavored kisses.
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